A note from Nico and store reopenning.

A note from Nico and store reopenning.
Hello, Nico here.
As you've probably seen, I and the store were offline for quite a few months.

I basically broke down and completely shut down during this summer; I wasn't able to create or do much of any work.
Call it a mental break down, or good ol' burnout, the result is that I was down for a long while.

But I'm back!

I've been working on the store over these last few days.
So, a few design changes on the website itself, nothing too drastic but it should work just fine.

New products including: mugs, caps, notebooks, metal prints, flags, patches and more.
Unfortunately all the dresses got discontinued by my provider, I should be able to find replacement soon but sadly, no more hoodie dresses for now (I know, what a shame); 
same thing for the crop tops right now.

New designs:
- HACKER, for all the lit script kiddies out there; 
- THIS IS FINE, for some recomfort when nothing is working and everything is breaking; 
- WORKBENCH, for the Amiga nerds out there, this one is for you <3;
Y2K38, because you want to be sure that everything is going to survive the next superbug.

More designs are planned and should get released in the next coming weeks, I will try to film or stream the making of a few of them, it could be fun.

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